Galerie Elena Lee: calendrier des expositions 2010 / exhibition calendar 2010

January 1, 2010

Galerie Elena Lee

12 janvier – 27 mars, 2010 / January 12 – March 27, 2010
Retrospective 2009, regard sur 2010 / 2009 Retrospective, 2010 Preview


6–27 avril, 2010 / April 6–27, 2010

co habits

Protection, 2010

Anatomie du tueur/Anatomie of the killer, 2010

Travail collaboratif de Mathieu Grodet et Tanya Lyons/The collaborative works of Mathieu Grodet and Tanya Lyons

For this exhibition Tanya and Mathieu are coming together to express common ideas and thoughts about their environment and the society that they live in. Using their shared passion for glass and gathering objects which brought them together in life, they reflect on the effects society is having on our physical and mental state while at the same time contemplating survival in this society. This overlap of life and art is explored through common pieces as well as with individual work using a variety of glass techniques and objects as well as illustrations.


Susan Rankin, Garden Columns, 2010

4–30 mai, 2010 / May 4–30, 2010

Pour accompagner le colloque sur le verre qui se tient du 26-30 mai nous montrons:

To accompany Montréal’s glass conference happening from the 26th to the 30th of May we are going to show:

400 ans de verre: celebrant l’expérience cumulé de 15 artistes verrier du Canada/400 Years of Glass: Celebrating the cumulative experience of 15 Canadian artists in glass

Brad Copping, Laura Donefer, Susan Edgerley, Irene Frolic, Jeff Goodman,  Andrew Kuntz, Kevin Lockau, Lou Lynn, Carole Pilon, Peter Powning, Sue Rankin, Donald Robertson, John-Paul Robinson, Naoko Takenouchi, Koen Vanderstukken


8 juin – 31 août, 2010 / June 8 – August 31, 2010
Artistes de la Galerie Elena Lee / Artists of Galerie Elena Lee


18–22 août, 2010 / August 18–22, 2010
Artistes verriers de Montréal: artistes établies et la relève
Expo paralelle dans l’édifice Belgo pour la visite du  groupe American du ‘Art Alliance for Contemporary Glass’

Established and Emerging Artists From The Montréal Glass Scene
Parallel exhibit in the Belgo building for a visit from the American ‘Art Alliance for Contemporary Glass’


7–28 septembre, 2010 / September 7–28, 2010
Susan Edgerley : oeuvres récentes / recent works


Francis Muscat: ‘Men and Houses’ at Pentimento Fine Art

by Brad Copping

images by Christy Haldane

Francis Muscat’s recent solo exhibition at Pentimento Fine Art Gallery in Toronto ran from February 4th to March 7th.  It was his first exhibition in the new decade, and in “Men and Houses”  he showed a range of works from the very recent to those done in the last 5 years.

Taking from his recent artist statement on his work and this exhibition here is what he has to say.

Small House Series #61 10cm x 16cm x 34cm cast and laminated glass, Owen Sound Limestone.

Small House Series #37 9cm x 15cm x 45cm Indiana Limestone, cast and laminated glass

During my Fine Art studies at Georgian College in Barrie, Ontario, I was introduced to glass.  I took stained glass as an elective.  The idea of painting with coloured light was very exciting.  In 1980 I enrolled in the Kiln Fired Glass course at O.C.A.  It was then that I knew this material is what I want to be working with and conquer.  There I learned the technical aspects of warm glass.  At this point I realized several pieces of flat panels in clear, plate and coloured glass.

Upon further discoveries I wanted to start to build with glass.  I knew that working in three dimensions was more gratifying for me so I needed to learn about adhesives and the structural integrity of glass.  There is an abundance of chemicals, adhesives, tools and machinery for industry that I could use to construct with and create sculpture.  Glass for me was the primary material to use.  I started to combine it with metals, wood, stone and other material and discovered that glass begs to be partnered with other material.  Stone and glass speak to each other in harmony.  There is a relationship there that is metaphysical; one comes to and goes from the other.

Glass by itself is inherently seductive, it draws you near, it begs to be understood, it is a magical material that is awe-inspiring.  This becomes a challenge for me, as it needs to go beyond its sexy self to become sculpture.  My challenge is to use it as any other artist’s material; hence I subdue its polished quality and take advantage of its translucent qualities.

The architect that I am not expresses himself through my sculpture.  I love to make buildings, small ones, and put them up on pedestals or stilts. They are proud and symbolic of our values.  The “Small House” series has been an ongoing expression of architectural shaped pieces confined in the simple “House” form. The houses fabricated out of cast glass, laminated glass, stone, metal, wood, and composites (plaster, paper, concrete, wax, glass, pigment, metal, epoxy resin, and natural elements), are symbolic of our concept of home.

left to right: "Show Off" 11cm x 8cm x 26cm; "One and a half Man Act" 10cm x 40cm x 60cm; "Embrace" 6cm x 18cm x 26cm; fused/ cast glass, wood, found objects

Singing Fisman Series #7 25cm x 30cm x 80cm Indiana Limestone, carved glass

The latest pieces are mostly built from concrete structures, the castable medium allows me to be lyrical, and to create an element of mystery and surprise as the light enters one side and exits on the other.  The composite pieces add another element to the metaphor of home, adding layer upon layer of colour and objects suggesting a passage of time, and paying respect to the Japanese esthetic of Wabi Sabi.

The human figure has also been an ongoing inspiration. The “Falling Angel” series, started 1991 and fabricated out of fused glass and wire, materialized from a dream of floating, ethereal human forms, messengers of hope and symbolic of human fragility.  In continuing the theme, these pieces allow me to make a statement using line, and form.  By working almost two dimensionally each piece holds different stories.  Other fused glass figurative pieces are used to celebrate “Heroes”, figures that made an impact in my life and whose stories I needed to tell.  Two pieces in this show are about the young man from Malawi, south-east Africa, who was able to create a wind driven turbine to generate electricity to bring light into his community and power water pumps.

The oldest work is from 2005.  The pieces in the “Fishman” series, carved out of limestone and glass, are about ritual, half men, half fish, and act as “Patron Saints” of song.

For more on Francis Muscat visit his website.


HXTAL NYL-1 Education Promotion / Promotion de l’éducation

His Glassworks, in conjunction with HXTAL Adhesive, LLC announces their Education Promotion for qualified Educational Institutions.

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  2. With your initial HXTAL kit purchase, His Glassworks will also donate a 1 pound kit of HXTAL NYL-1 for the institution’s use for their classes. This donation is a one time offer for the first order placed under this promotion. Any subsequent kits would fall under the 30% discount structure.

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To take part in this promotion, just give His Glassworks a call at 828-254-2559 or 800-914-7463 or  email them and let them know you’d like to take part.

Bob at His Glassworks demos the mixing and use of HXTAL.  They have a great library of demo’s on YouTube, sorry all in English, check ‘em out, or come visit him at the Tech Display at the Conference in Montreal, May 26-30, 2010.

His Glassworks, en liaison avec HXTAL adhésifs, LLC annonce la promotion de l’éducation pour les institutions éducatives qualifiées.

Si vous êtes un collège, une université ou un studio qui enseigne les classes utilisant HXTAL NYL-1, alors toutes les kits achetés pour la revente de Sa verrerie ainsi que tous les A-1100 Amino Silane, pipettes ampoule, verre barreaux d’agitation, des échelles numériques DW100AX et récipients de mélange recevront un rabais de 30% sur le prix de détail.

Avec votre achat initial kit HXTAL, Son Glassworks fera également don d’une trousse 1 livre de HXTAL NYL-1 pour l’utilisation de l’établissement pour leurs classes. Ce don est une offre une fois pour la première commande placée sous cette promotion. Toute kits ultérieures relèvent de la structure de réduction de 30%.
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Pour participer à cette promotion, juste donner sa verrerie d’un appel au 828-254-2559 ou 800-914-7463 ou par email à eux et leur faire savoir que vous souhaitez y prendre part.

Bob à His Glassworks démos le mélange et l’utilisation de HXTAL. Ils ont une grande bibliothèque de la démo sur YouTube, désolé tous en anglais, check ‘em out, ou viennent lui rendre visite à la Technologie d’affichage à la Conférence de Montréal, 26-30 Mai 2010.


Landscape as Canvas – Engaging with Nature

By Ben Goodman

I think I’ve received a critique of one of my recent sculpture installations. I had selected a large, undulating grassy area for this 3-piece sculpture and was busily setting the work in place. Some movement behind caught my attention. When I turned to look, I was staring into the eyes of several sheep just six feet away, busily munching and observing an “artist at work!” This is one of the joys of engaging with the landscape as canvas. The unexpected – be it weather, variations in the land, or animals as critics! Several months after this installation and the sculpture is still in place. The sheep must be satisfied with my work or, at least do not consider it an intrusion.  This may stack up as one of my more favourable critiques.

Most sculptors yearn for a large space in which to place their work, and to be able to minimize the amount of visual “noise” surrounding it. “Don’t Fence Me In”, the title of a song from the 1930’s, is the lament often heard from sculptors. Interior space, whether in galleries or private homes, is often at a premium for placing sculpture. Three-dimensional work needs room to breathe. Outdoor installations meet this need admirably. Using the landscape as a “canvas” for sculpture installations provides a unique creative opportunity for artists by removing the confines of interior space and opening up a refreshing new freedom of expression, both in creative style and scale. Land sites provide diversity of setting – flat or undulating, open or forested, waterfront or hilltop and often with views of distant hills and the ocean. This landscape setting adds measurably to the enjoyment of the work by the viewer.

Several artists on Saltspring Island have commented on their own recent experience with outdoor art installations:

Margaret Day, gallery owner

“Since gardens and design play such an important part in so many peoples’ lives,  outdoor sculpture is an area of art collection that ought to be more fully explored. In the strongest pieces the artists react to the environment. Nature itself  becomes a component. The result is a three-way dialogue among artist, nature, and the viewer.”

Morley Myers, sculptor

“Sculpture takes on a new context when placed in an outdoor setting. It acquires an unexpected strength and can be very harmonious with nature. For the viewer, outdoor installations provide the opportunity to experience art without the perceived pretensions often experienced in a traditional gallery setting. So both the artist and the viewer gain an enhanced quality of experience.”

Ron Crawford, sculptor and painter

“For the artist, this experience (outdoor installations) connects us to a place, time, season – even a particular tree. A walk through a sculpture garden becomes an opportunity for surprise and contemplation”.

There are well over one hundred sculptures installed out-of-doors on Saltspring Island including the forty sculptures installed at Hastings House Country House Hotel in 2009, sites at other publicly accessible venues and sculpture placed in private gardens. While premature to call this recent interest in outdoor sculpture installations a movement or trend, there is clear evidence of a possible future direction. A refrain from the lyrics of Don’t Fence Me In – “Oh give me land, lots of land….”  has been heard and responded to – at least in part!

Ben Goodman lives on Saltspring Island. He is a graduate of the Ontario College of Art, past president of the Glass Art Association of Canada and past editor of the Glass Gazette (now the Contemporary Canadian Glass journal). His views on “landscape as canvas” have been influenced by his equestrian travels around the world. His work can be seen at


Tiffany Glass: A Passion For Colour / Le Verre Selon Tiffany : La Couleur En Fusion

By Jamie McDonald Gray

French translation by Google Translator

First Exhibition in Canada on the Famous Master Glass Artist

Première exposition au Canada sur le célèbre maître verrier

February 12 – May 2, 2010 / Février 12 – Mai 2, 2010

Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

Museum Premiere from MBAM on Vimeo.  Follow this link for more videos related to the exhibition.

When Montreal puts on a show they pull out all the stops.  Having declared 2010 the Year of Glass, the galleries, museums and shops of la belle ville are exhibiting the best of the best glass to be found anywhere.  The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts is setting the standard for excellence with an inaugural Canadian exhibition of Tiffany Studio glass.  Brought together from an extensive number of prestigious collections around the world, Tiffany Glass: A Passion for Colour is a gathering of the best in technique, colour, and design of the studio of Louis C. Tiffany.  This exhibition of 180 important works includes a series of magnificent large-scale ecclesiastical stained glass windows, seventeen of which are newly restored and part of the MMFA’s permanent collection.  The seventeen windows now painstakingly refurbished and on view for the first time at eye-level, were originally the largest Tiffany Studios commission in Canada, dating from the height of its production in terms of quality and innovative techniques.  Also on view are secular stained glass windows, magnificent blown-glass vases and lamps with shapes and decoration inspired by nature, examples of paintings and mosaics, original designs, and period photographs.  Not to be missed are some never before exhibited works from private collections, on public display for the first time.

Quand Montréal met sur un spectacle qu’ils se retirer de tous les arrêts. Ayant déclaré 2010 l’Année de verre, les galeries, les musées et les commerces de la Belle Ville exposent le meilleur du meilleur verre à trouver n’importe où. Le Musée des beaux-arts établit la norme d’excellence avec une exposition inaugurale canadiens de Tiffany Glass Studio. Réunis à partir d’un nombre considérable de collections prestigieuses du monde entier, Tiffany Glass: Une passion pour la couleur est un rassemblement des meilleurs de la technique, la couleur et la conception de l’atelier de Louis C. Tiffany. Cette exposition de 180 oeuvres importantes comprend une série de magnifiques grands ecclésiastiques échelle vitraux, dont dix-sept ont été récemment restaurée et une partie de la collection permanente du MBAM. Les fenêtres de dix-sept ans minutieusement restaurés et sur la vue pour la première fois à l’oeil niveau, ont été à l’origine la plus importante commission Tiffany Studios au Canada, datant de la hauteur de sa production en termes de qualité et des techniques novatrices. Vitrage Également à l’affiche sont laïques taché, de magnifiques vases en verre soufflé et des lampes aux formes et à la décoration inspirée par la nature, des exemples de peintures et de mosaïques, de dessins originaux, et photos d’époque. A ne pas manquer quelques jamais exposé des œuvres provenant de collections privées, présentés au public pour la première fois.

Tiffany is well known for his love of glass and flair for publicity, making him a leader in American design and a central figure in the Arts and Crafts Movement, the American Aesthetic Movement, Art Noveau and Symbolism.  The exhibition of Tiffany glass at MMFA offers an examination of the early career of Tiffany, his travels (especially to Paris where his interest in glass-making began), his work as an interior designer for influential American clients, his relationship with Paris art dealer Siegfried Bing who helped to publicize Tiffany products in Europe, and his stained glass windows.  Visitors will learn how a stained glass window was made and see the various types of glass used.  Tiffany’s remarkable “Favrile” glass vases with their organic shapes and striking colour contrasts will also be on display.

Tiffany est bien connu pour son amour du verre et du flair pour la publicité, faisant de lui un chef de file dans la conception américaine et une figure centrale du mouvement Arts and Crafts, l’American Esthétique du Mouvement, Art Nouveau et le symbolisme. L’exposition de verre Tiffany au MBAM offre un examen de la jeune carrière de Tiffany, ses voyages (en particulier à Paris où son intérêt pour la fabrication du verre a commencé), son travail d’architecte d’intérieur pour les clients américains influents, sa relation avec Paris, marchand d’art Siegfried Bing qui ont contribué à faire connaître les produits Tiffany en Europe, et ses vitraux. Les visiteurs apprendront comment un vitrail a été fait et voir les différents types de verre utilisé. Tiffany’s remarquable “Favrile” vases en verre aux formes organiques et la couleur des contrastes frappants seront également exposées.

Tiffany Glass: A Passion for Colour is exhibited in an elegant, eye-catching arrangement of space designed to set off the brilliance of the stained glass windows, the myriad forms of the Favrile glass and the luminous colours of the lamps, each placed on its own pedestal to be seen from all sides.  Seen at eye-level, visitors can better examine and understand Tiffany’s windows for their design and technical ingenuity.  A catalogue is available as is an audioguide, which includes both commentary and a musical component.  An extensive programme of lectures and films, guided tours and a concert of chamber music is being presented in conjunction with the exhibition.  Details of these activities can be found in the brochure The Cultural Activities and on the museum’s website at

Le Verre Selon Tiffany : La Couleur En Fusion Glass est exposée dans un cadre élégant et accrocheur agencement de l’espace conçu pour déclencher l’éclat des vitraux, les multiples formes du verre Favrile et les couleurs lumineuses des feux, chacun étant mis sur son piédestal pour être vue de tous les côtés. Vu à hauteur d’œil, les visiteurs pourront mieux examiner et comprendre les fenêtres Tiffany’s pour leur conception et leur ingéniosité technique. Un catalogue est disponible en est un audioguide, qui comprend aussi bien des commentaires et un volet musical. Une vaste programme de conférences et de films, visites guidées et un concert de musique de chambre est présentée en conjonction avec l’exposition. Les détails de ces activités peuvent être trouvés dans la brochure des activités culturelles et sur le site Web du musée à


The Funnies…


Montreal is following the glass lead in 2010

by Catherine Piazzon

French translation courtesy of Roch Hupé

Montréal, Ville du Verre 2010 est l’initiative de la Société des directeurs des musées montréalais (SDMM). Le verre sera le thème des expositions et des activités des musées montréalais en 2010. Architecturale, artistique, environnementale, historique et scientifique, chaque musée traitera du verre de différentes façons. D’avril à décembre 2010, des expositions, des démonstrations, des films, des conférences seront parmi les activités offertes sur le thème du verre.

'Minneapolis', Lucio Bubbaco

'Minneapolis', Lucio Bubbaco

Montreal, City of Glass 2010 was initiated by the Board of Montreal Museums Directors (BMMD).  Glass will be the theme of Montreal museums’ exhibitions and activities in 2010. Either Architectural, artistic, environnemental, historical or scientific, each museum will depict glass in its own aspect. From April untill December 2010, exhibitions, demonstrations, movies, lectures, all kind of activities will be about glass.

La Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec, la Biosphère d’Environnement Canada, le Centre Canadien d’Architecture (CCA), la Cité historia, le musée d’histoire du Sault-au-Récollet, l’Écomusée du fier monde, l’Espace VERRE, la Maison Saint-Gabriel, le Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal, le Musée des beaux-arts de Montréal, le Musée des Hospitalières de l’Hôtel-Dieu de Montréal, le Musée du Château Dufresne, le Musée du Château Ramezay, le Musée Marguerite-Bourgeoys, le Musée McCord d’histoire canadienne, Pointe-à-Callière, le musée d’archéologie et d’histoire de Montréal, le Centre des sciences de Montréal et le Musée Stewart sont parmi les musées participants.

'Life Strategies', Silvia Levenson

'Life Strategies', Silvia Levenson

The participating museums currently include; the Bibliothèque et Archives Nationales du Quebec, the Biosphèred’Environnement Canada, the Canadian Centre for Architecture, the Cite Historia, the Musee d’Histoire du Sault-au-Recollet, the Ecomusee du Fier Monde, Espace VERRE, the Maison Saint-Gabriel, the Montreal Museum of Contemporary Art, the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, the Musee des Hospitalières de l’Hôtel-Dieu de Montreal, Musee du Château Dufresne, Château Ramezay Museum, Marguerite Bourgeoys Museum, McCord Museum, Pointe-à-Callière, the Montreal Museum of Archaeology and History, Montreal Science Centre, and the Stewart Museum.

'Light Spirals', Peter Powning

'Light Spirals', Peter Powning

Espace VERRE organisera le congrès du Glass Art Association of Canada du 26 au 30 mai 2010, un évènement d’importance pour Montréal, Ville de Verre 2010. Le congrès, intitulé Transparent Transformation-Transformation Transparente, présentera six thèmes majeurs pour les artistes verriers contemporains. L’environnement des  studios et les nouvelles technologies, le verre architectural, le design dans le verre, les techniques de travail, les nouvelles avenues pour les institutions d’enseignement et de graduation et l’art verrier Canadien tel que vu par les musées. Plus de 20 conférences et 15 démonstrations prendront place pendant les quatre jours du congrès. La plupart des activités auront lieu au Cégep du Vieux Montréal et les démonstrations auront lieu à l’Espace VERRE. Des artistes de réputations internationales tel LucioBubacco (Italie), Sylvia Levenson(Italie), Anthony Schafermeyer (EUA), ainsi que les artistes verriers canadiens reconnus internationnallement comme Susan Edgerley, Sarah Hall, Peter Powning, Tyler Rock et Donald Robertson seront parmi les participants. La curatrice du Corning Museum’s Curator of Modern Glass, Tina Oldknow (USA) présentera aussi une conférence.

'beecause', Anthony Shafermeyer

'beecause', Anthony Shafermeyer

As part of Montreal, City of Glass 2010, or in French Montréal, Ville de Verre 2010, Espace VERRE will host the Glass Art Association of Canada Conference from May 26-30, 2010. The conference, titled Transparent Transformation-Transformation Transparente will present ideas around 6 major themes for contemporary glass artists; environmental studios and new technologies, architectural glass, design in glass, work methodology(techniques), new ventures for educational institutions and graduates, and Canadian glass art as seen by museums. More than 20 lectures and 15 demonstrations will take place during the four days of the conference. Most of the activities will take place at Cegep du Vieux Montreal, and most demonstrations will take place at Espace VERRE. Several international artists; LucioBubacco (Italy), Sylvia Levenson(Italy), Anthony Schafermeyer (USA), and internationally renown Canadian glass artists like Susan Edgerley, Sarah Hall, Peter Powning, Tyler Rock, and Donald Robertson, are participating. The Corning Museum’s Curator of Modern Glass, Tina Oldknow (USA) will also be a key speaker.

'ingress', Tyler Rock

'ingress', Tyler Rock

Le congrès du GAAC comprendra aussi des conférences publiques en collaboration avec le Musée des beaux-arts de Montréal pour rejoindre un plus large public. Peter Powning, conférencier majeur du congrès, présentera sa conférence au Musée des beaux-arts de Montréal. Clifford Rainey donnera aussi une conférence au Musée des beaux-arts de Montréal en relation avec l’exposition d’une de ses œuvres donnée au musée par la collection Anna et Joe Mendel.

Clifford Rainey

Clifford Rainey

The GAAC Conference will also include public lectures in collaboration with the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts (MMFA) which will allow the organisation to reach a broader audience. Peter Powning, the keynote speaker for the conference, will present his lecture at the MMFA. Clifford Rainey will also give a lecture at the MMFA in conjunction with the exhibition of one of his pieces, donated to the museum by the Joe and Anna Mendel Collection.

De notoriété mondial, Laura Donefer, la diva des présentations de collections de verre, en collaboration avec le designer d’avant-garde montréalais Philippe Dubuc, va créer, en collaboration avec des designers de mode et des artistes verriers, un fantastique défilé de mode qui clôturera le congrès. Présenté par Donefer et Dubuc, cet évènement aura lieu dimanche le 29 mai 2010 au belvédère du Centre des sciences de Montréal.

'Warrior', Corning Glass Fashion Show

'Warrior', Corning Glass Fashion Show

'Tiffany Dress', Corning Glass Fashion Show

'Tiffany Dress', Corning Glass Fashion Show

Philippe Dubuc

Philippe Dubuc

'Le petit trianon', Corning Glass Fashion Show

'Le petit trianon', Corning Glass Fashion Show

Laura Donefer, Canada’s international glass fashion show diva, in collaboration with Montreal’s cutting edge fashion designer, the internationally renowned Philippe Dubuc, are creating, in collaboration with fashion designers and glass artists, a fabulous Fashion Show which will close the conference.  Hosted by Donefer and Dubuc, it will take place on Saturday May 29th at the belvedere of Montreal Science Centre.

Ce congrès est spécialement conçu pour les artistes verriers. Nous espérons vous voir à Montréal, la Cité du verre 2010. Ne manquez pas cet évènement verrier du siècle!

Pour plus d’information,  télécharger la brochure du congrès.

Enregistrement pour la conference de Montreal en 2010 formulaire d’enregistrment sur le site du GAAC dans la section des Membres.

The conference is adding up to a must see for glass artists.  We expect to see you in Montreal, the City of Glass in 2010.  Don’t miss the glass event of the century!

For more information download the conference brochure.

To register for the conference click on the link to the conference registration form in the membership section of GAAC website.